Many possibilities...

The flexibility of our means of production allow us to answer most of your requirements, in quality terms and the ability to react.



Fabrics and supplies :

· Special machines to check and measurements

· Fabric inspecting machine


Cutting :

· Lectra automatic cutting

· Hand cutting

· Tables for special layout


Sewing :

· Flatbed machine, overseaming machine, overedging machine...

· Zigzagstitch machine, twin needle machine, feed off the arm        machine, folding machine

· Knitting machine

· Blindstitch machine

· Fell seamer

· Lockstitch sewing machine

· Attaching elastic tape machine

· Smocking machine from 2 to 44 needles

· Tucking machine, ruffling machine

· Buttonhole machine, eyeletting machine...

· Button sewing machine

· Basting machine

· Two needles sewing machine

· Button whipping machine

· Thermofusing machine

· Ladder hemtstich, AMF, multiple needle machine...


Finishing :

· Hand finishing

· Ironing table with steaming and vacuum

· Steam dummy

· Reception, stocking, checking of your fabrics and supplies,          dispatching, checking quality of your clothes, repair...


Your subcontractor...